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Anonymous said:
What happens if a Pansexual and Bisexual meet? Would either of their powers be affected?
bi-sexualfacts replied:

Fact: When a pansexual and bisexual meet they can combine their powers to create mosquitos, snowmen, or an infinite set of numbers. It is also rumored that they can make terrible infomercials, though the only known record of this occuring was during the [redacted]. It is best to not attempt a repeat of this incident.

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and also sorry for hijacking that ask. lemme know if you want me to delete it evvie, i just. felt like rambling. i do that too much

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Anonymous said:
dont you think it's a bit unrealistic for markham to have non-binary floors in residence?
undergradrpg replied:

Not at all. Though it is a fairly new development at the school, but Markham’s goal is to accommodate students of all walks of life; it wouldn’t make sense if they didn’t accommodate for non-binary students.

Plus, sometimes you can push the limits of reality to make the world somewhat better. It’s a pain if the storylines of all non-binary character revolves around not being accepted. It’s a pain if the storylines and backstories of LGBT characters are only about them struggling. Like, yes, these can be okay, but it can also be nice to have something else for these characters. A place to allow them to be normal can be really fucking nice. We want to be fairytale heroes and fight dragons sometimes. Or we can imagine a world with one hella cool and accepting university. Maybe it’s not realistic in terms of the world we live in, but isn’t roleplaying about creating another one? Nothing wrong about making it better instead of worst, to allow future players to focus on character development than ‘struggling, alwaaays struggling’. We have enough of this in real life.

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Seduction comes from who you are and how you sit in your skin when everything else is stripped away. That’s sexier than anything. The rest is to help with the spell.

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his thighs (T▽T) [insp

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Thomas ‘TJ’ Hammond in Political Animals S01E01 - PART I

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Don’t ask me to find you an alternative to reading the books for the exams.

I’ll make sure your grade is ruined

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