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We dance on the edge of destruction

‘Tears should have been shed when the blood was running out of our veins. It’s too late. We can only learn how to live again.’

  • TYPE: 1x1
  • LOCATION - TIME SET UP: At first, Paris - Post WWII
    Simon Dreyfus - 19 [Eddie Redmayne] → passive, creative, artistic, idealist, dreamer, adaptable, naive, avoids social situations, (book) smart, nervous, tactless, lost.
    James ‘Jim’ Emerson - 24-28 [Hugh Dancy] → cynic, immature, dominant, competitive, bold, leader, honest, cold, futureless, street smart, pretending, adventurous, risk taking, lost 

Quite obviously, the war changed them both, pushing Simon more into himself, his own loneliness and multiplicating hundred times what he used to feel. On the other hand, Jim used to be outgoing, bold and completely different, but the war made him grow colder. Of course, these things can be (and will be discussed, probably), and if you have any question or would like help building the before, I’m definitely here to help.

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you know what’s better than les mis

attractive people singing les mis

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i would marry google maps if google maps would let me

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Dougie Carter as Marius Pontmercy (2nd Understudy)

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crissbuttrps said:
"Would you just listen?" / "Well that was unexpected." / "But I was watching that!" / "We can’t cover that up" / "But I love you, dammit!" / "Don’t I mean anything?" //Feel free to do whatever pairing/fandom you like! :)
thatfrenchhelper replied:

Would you just listen?

Thoughts raced. Thoughts left lips without care. For once. Or not really for once. But that’s how Orion worked, simply. And hell, if in all these years he hadn’t learnt how to accept how he was, how his mind worked instead of trying to stop himself and change it all, what had he done? “Not planning on it. You’re being a fucking arse. You’ve been a fucking arse for days. No-wait, no, since my first damn day here? I’m not going to listen to your apologies. Much less accept them. I’m not even talking to you. You’ve abused my trust once. Hell, you’ve fucking abused me. A person. Do you not get that? And you know what? It’s been years now. But if I’ve decided one thing it’s that I’m not going to forgive you. I’m not going to think about it anymore. Wait, no, I can’t do that. But I can refuse to forgive you. I can stop being angry, that’s one thing, because I’ve decided to be happy. Because some people have taught me to be happy. To love myself before giving myself wholly to fucking assholes like you. And because of that I just-I won’t listen to you. Fuck you and everything you stand for, honestly.” He was exaggerating maybe. It’d only been four years since he left Hogwarts. Five since Tory. Five, eight months, two weeks, three days and a handful of hours since that night. Hell. He had time. But he was brave. He’d always been. “So, no, I’m not going to listen to you. I’m not going to even look at you. Go live your fucking life and don’t try to talk to me again. I’ve learnt how to live with the crap you’ve done to me, and so will you. Don’t take that for forgiveness. Take that for what it is and fucking leave. You won’t ruin it all again. Not even a second of it.” Thoughts were words. And words flew. Free. So was he now. Free, and brave, and all these things he once thought he lost, because of this very same man. His heart would never be a burden anymore, he promised that to himself. And his mind? Oh, his mind only belonged to himself.


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jaifkncourtney said:
"Did you cover all the cameras?"

"No need to" His voice was just reduced to a whisper now, so close to the other man. It was new this feeling. It was odd. Simon could get used to it though. He would at some point. "I’ll just delete the files when we’re done. Or tomorrow. Doesn’t matter." In this moment, truly, he had no idea why his parents’ shop even needed cameras. Sure, old books were worth a lot, but covering these seemed like too much effort for now, when he just wanted closer. And damn, these new things felt too good to be true. Unbelievable. Hell, even with picture proof on these no one would believe him. Him having sex with his boyfriend in the library? Simon Dreyfus of all people. This made no sense. Guess even he could be changed by some unexpected turn of events. The kind you’d only read in books. And there he was, taking risks, for once.


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